• YES, you CAN become energy independent....

    With over 35 years industry knowledge, we are the regions most experienced solar and battery professionals.

  • Solar is Affordable !

    MicroFIT & Net Metering Solar PV Systems priced from $2.50 per watt installed !

    DIY 10 kW Systems from $2.05 per watt.

  • NEW MicroFIT 6 kW size price...31.3 cents/kWh !


  • We have a Solar PV System to suit anyones budget....including battery storage and backup.


  • Large commercial Solar PV Systems.

  • Solar Tracker & Ground Mount Systems.

Get started today with two of the options provided:

Net Metering & MicroFIT

Offset ALL of your hydro consumption (forever) with Net Metering and Peak Power Shaving and Backup Systems. Earn up to $72,000 income by generating power for Ontario with MicroFIT Solar 

Free Net-Metering or MicroFIT Estimate

Off Grid & Emergency Power

Generate your own electricity with solar and/or wind power anywhere, anytime. Solar power for your Cottage, Cabin, Boat, RV, Camping, Hikers, Cyclists, Ham Radio and more. We have lots of information and helpful tips


Find Out if Off Grid Works for You

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